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Is Rolling Kidz, Rolling Seniorz and Rolling Veteranz like other transportation services such as Lyft, Uber or a local Taxi?
NO! We are a scheduled base service provider offering one way, two way and multi-stop services that are not rushed for the Clients we serve.
If I cancel do you offer any form of refund?
NO! Once Rolling Kidz has been paid we do not provide refunds as clearly stated in our Terms and Conditions that each Customer must agree to. We can reschedule however if the route changes there will be additional charges that may be included.
Can you provide me with a copy of the Terms and Conditions?
Yes, however we prefer if you view them online via out website to save on printing costs so that we do not have to increase our fees to our Customers.
How do you address concerns by a Parent, Guardian or Group Leader?
Our Team members and the Owner of Rolling Kidz herself will gladly address any question or concern as promptly as possible and we will make every effort to do so immediately whenever possible. Questions that we feel others may want to know the answers to will be placed here on our FAQ’s page.
What if your vehicle is in an accident?
Rolling Kidz hopes that this is never the case however accidents do happen and we have protocols that our Team Drivers are trained in for dealing with an accident, be it minor or major. In short the #1 priority is the health and welfare of your child so in the event of an accident Rolling Kidz will make sure your child will get the immediate medical care they need. After that, getting them home safe is something we can handle or work with the Parent or Guardian to get the child home.
How does your pricing work and how do I know what I am paying?
Rolling Kidz uses a standard pricing structure based on the location of pick-up, time in transit and if there is a one way or two way requirement. We provide pricing options that are reasonable based on your individual needs when you sign-up your child(ren).
I have never trusted my child to ride with Strangers, what is Rolling Kidz response to that?
The owner of Rolling Kidz, Asia Brown, is a Mother and completely understand this concern. She and her Team have created an operational protocol that will provide your child with the safest possible transportation and they will be monitored the entire time while in our custody. Additionally all of our Team members have been screened for their driving and criminal records and all of their references have been fully checked before being hired. With your trust we will become your most reliable transportation resource for your child or children.