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Since 2016 Rolling Kidz has served Parents, Guardians and others with reliable and safe transportation for their children providing one way, two way and multi-stop options you can trust. Rolling Kidz is scaling up our business by adding new transportation vehicles to our fleet as well as expanding our service areas.
Rolling Kidz facilitates an in-depth background prescreening for all of our Team Drivers who also have excellent driving records so you can trust that we will get your child or children to their destination safely and on time.
The map below outlines a general service area however we do cater to individual needs if at all possible. Use our Sign Up page to get a custom quote from Rolling Kidz and then you can pay us online, in person or by phone using your credit/debit card. We have created a very simple 3 Step Process you will find easy and we look forward to serving you. Please do not hesitate to use our Contact Us page to make an inquiry or simply call us anytime.