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Unconditional Disciplinary Terms & Conditions:

  • Rolling Kidz takes the responsibility of transporting your children safely and reliably and in oder to do this our Team Driver(s) must maintain the management of all the children we serve at the same time. While most of our passengers will behave properly Rolling Kidz must require you, as a Parent, Guardian and/or Group Leader, to agree to these terms and conditions unconditionally and once you choose to use our services you are validating your unconditional agreement to the terms and conditions as follows;
  • Your child or children are required to behave while in the custody of our Team Driver(s) and unruly behavior will not be tolerated.
  • If Rolling Kidz has a problem with any child or group of children the first step is a warning, given to the Parent, Guardian or Group Leader as a notification. The second step is a conference, the third step is a temporary ban from using Rolling Kidz transportation services and after a return after a temporary ban if the child/children misbehave again Rolling Kidz will discuss this with the Parent, Guardian or Group Leader before expelling the child/children for a longer period of time.
  • Rolling Kidz must maintain a safe transportation environment for those we serve and any unruly, disruptive or inappropriate behavior cannot be tolerated. We ask that you understand this is a business where we are responsible for your child/children and we cannot and will not take any chances.
  • If a child becomes belligerent and remains in an uncontrollable state Rolling Kidz will have to safely restrain the child/children until the Parent, Guardian or Group Leader can be met and/or a law enforcement authority arrives to take custody of the child or children and this is an absolute last resort procedure that you are required to acknowledge when using our services.
  • A termination of service will not result in a refund of any kind as your decision to use the transportation services provided by Rolling Kidz, once services have began, constitutes a payment for services and you agree not to make a reverse credit or debit card dispute with your bank or credit/debit card provider.
  • Rolling Kidz will make itself available, as promptly as possible, to answer any questions or concerns by a Parent, Guardian or Group Leader however we ask that you be patient with us if we cannot reply immediately to a request due to our Team being in the process of delivering the transportation services we provide. Rest assured your communications will be replied to promptly.
  • As Rolling Kidz evolves as a new business, we will add to, change and/or edit this terms and conditions document so please re-read it often.

Terms of Service:

  • Rolling Kidz, Rolling Seniorz and Rolling Veteranz operates as a "for profit business" and we do not offer any form of refund once we have been paid. We can however reschedule a transportation service as long as the original quote is applicable. If the needs of the Client(s) change please note that the pricing may change and that the Payee(s) and/or Client(s) are responsible for any additional costs that may be incurred. By using our services you, as the Payee and/or Client agree that Rolling Kidz does not offer any form of refund and furthermore promise not to "back-charge" your credit/debit card payment(s) for any reason. This is a prerequisite requirement for using the services of Rolling Kidz, Rolling Seniorz and Rolling Veteranz and services are not available for anyone who does not agree to these terms and conditions.
  • Rolling Kidz is the primary company providing all services even though the subsidiary names Rolling Seniorz and Rolling Veteranz may be used at anytime with or without the name Rolling Kidz.
  • Rolling Kidz provides exceptional customer service at all times however if you need to report any issue or complaint, please do not hesitate to contact Asia Brown, Principal Owner, via email at Asia@RollingKidz.com or by phone at 704-284-8896.
  • Rolling Kidz, Rolling Seniorz and Rolling Veteranz reserves the right to discontinue service to any Payee/Client anytime with notice and this notice may be given at the time of service discontinuing or before. Rolling Kidz will provide an explanation based on the circumstances that led us to this decision.
  • Rolling Kidz, Rolling Seniorz and Rolling Veteranz schedules transportation and routes "in advance" and may not always be able to cater to same day requests. If possible we will cater to same day requests however please note that we cannot always provide our Payee(s) and Client(s) this courtesy.
  • Rolling Kidz, Rolling Seniorz and Rolling Veteranz are not responsible for any delay(s) that derive from traffic issues, accidents, vehicle mechanical malfunctions and/or any and all other unforeseen circumstances or situations that are impossible to avoid and/or that may result from unknown events. We will make every effort to provide an explanation to schools and other providers where such an explanation may be necessary to assist our Payee(s) and/or Client(s) from incurring any form of damage(s) related to being tardy, having to reschedule appointment(s) or any other reasonable situation.
  • Rolling Kidz, Rolling Seniorz and Rolling Veteranz formally acknowledges that any "terms and conditions" of service will ultimately have "unknowns" come up and as a result we promise to address these in a prompt and professional manner within a reasonable amount of time if/when we fail to do so immediately. We serve multiple Payee(s) and Client(s) daily and sometimes our ability to provide an immediate response is simply strained. Our reputation is very important to us so we ask all of our Payee(s) and Client(s) to extend us the professional courtesy of addressing any concern(s) you may have before you engage in any form of complaint that may or may not include acts of Libel and/or Slander against our business. We believe in fairness however no one is perfect and there may be times where "We" fail you in some capacity, most likely by accident or due to unforeseen circumstances and situations. Please treat any issue you have with us in confidence and we will gladly do the same for you.
  • There will be a $15 late fee for late payments received after Tuesday of each week and this is in addition to our no refund policy that is a prerequisite for you to use our services. Rolling Kidz, Rolling Seniorz and Rolling Veteranz apologizes for this fee however we cannot sustain repetitive late payments and we reserve the right to decline services to anyone who abuses our policies. Thank you for your kind understanding in this matter.
  • Rolling Kidz, Rolling Seniorz and Rolling Veteranz reserves the right to discontinue service to any Client with a (10) day notice, with or without an explanation, to ensure the executive services we provide exceed our Clients expectations as a whole. Rolling Kidz, Rolling Seniorz and Rolling Veteranz should not be considered a taxi or Uber service as we provide one way and multi-stop transportation services that cater to the Clients we serve and their individual needs. Please use our Contact Us page to make an inquiry for additional information and a member of our Team will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.